What is the phoenix phenomenon?

When people first find out the name of my online series, The Phoenix Phenomenon, they often ask me what it means.

To be perfectly honest, when I first chose the name for my interview series, I simply liked the sound of it. But I quickly began to see the significance in my choice of words.

It was the perfect way to describe the incredible stories of my guests. All of them had gone through some type of physical or emotional trauma and every single one of them had found a way through the pain to emerge from the ashes of their former life.

Now, they are living a life they could once have only dreamed of, free of the shackles that once bound them so tightly to their trauma.

As my series evolved into focusing on published authors, The Phoenix Phenomenon came to signify the incredibly powerful transformation every author goes through.

Interviews with my guests highlight just how unique the process of authorship is. Some authors sit down, free write and come away with a manuscript. Others spend years picking it up and putting it back down again.

Those who I have had the pleasure of ghostwriting with have been able to feel supported in a trusted and safe space while we talk about their life and their challenges.

We are able to go much deeper below the surface story they share with the world around them, which allows them to process, accept and even celebrate the life they have had.

They can finally be at peace with their past and now be ready to open up to the possibility of what this book can do for their future.

I can confidently say The Phoenix Phenomenon of authorship is much more than simply fulfilling a word count requirement and wrapping a cover around it – it is a process that has the potential to transform you, your business and your life.

An author who is striving for connection to their readers and is propelled forward by a desire to create positive change, whether in the world of parenting, finance, leadership, sport – it can literally be anything – will be remembered, celebrated and supported by those they want to help.

This is where the transformation lies.

There are only three things you need to set off on your journey of authorship

–          An Authentic story
–          A willingness to Connect
–          The openness to Transform

Are you ready to ACT?