Ghostwriting (non-fiction)

What is ghostwriting? A ghostwriter like me will work with you to help you bring your dream book to life – but nobody knows that you haven’t written it yourself!

Whether your goal is to create a book that establishes you as an industry expert in your field, or you want to capture your personal journey with the aim of inspiring others to enact meaningful change in their lives, the key to success is communicating your message with engaging, powerful and inspirational language – which is where me, the ghostwriter, comes in.

Roxanne is a professional ghostwriter

Why work with me

When you embark on a ghostwriting journey with me, you know you are in safe hands with someone who can simplify the most complex of ideas and transform them into something that your readers can engage with and enjoy.

This is a truly personalised experience and at the end of it, you will be holding a bespoke manuscript that is written in your voice that captures your unique message.

You will be publicly acknowledged as the book’s author, but having a ghostwriter on board simplifies the book creation process, giving you the fun of sharing your message through regular interviews and taking away the countless hours sitting behind a keyboard struggling to figure out if the paragraph you just wrote flows on from the last.

The Process

The ghostwriting process

All my  packages include the following services, to allow me to ghostwrite your non-fiction book.


An initial one-hour planning session, where we will talk about the format and chapters you would like for your book and which areas of your life and your message you would like to focus on.


8 one-hour interviews, where I will draw out everything needed to fulfill your desired book format and uncover those hidden gems that will strengthen your message and make it resonate with your readers.

The manuscript

A complete manuscript that is written in your words and in your voice.

Editing (optional)

You can opt to include professional editing for an extra fee. Having the manuscript professionally written and edited means that in one fell swoop, you will have a complete manuscript ready to go into the hands of a book designer.

Who uses a ghostwriter?

The Expert Creator

It’s no secret that having a book bearing your name and photograph gives you instant credibility in the world of business – just check out how many speakers at your next conference are spruiking that they are also an author and selling their books at stage right after their presentation…

Having a book as part of your marketing arsenal is a quick way to establish yourself as an expert in your field and a great way to communicate your business message to potential or existing clients. Your book is also a powerful tool to get you onto the speaking circuit if this is a desire.

The Profile Booster

This package is perfect for business owners or people wanting to boost their profile as it provides greater scope to introduce more of your ideas and truly develop and communicate your message.

A more substantial book will exude greater professionalism and give your readers the opportunity to get to know you as a person, which will provide a greater connection and boost the ‘know you, like you, trust you,” factor that is important for engaging future clients and for snagging those lucrative speaking engagements.

The Ultimate Author

Think about every autobiography you have ever read. With the exception of someone like Nelson Mandela, chances are their story was captured in a 300-page book.

When you want to go beyond the surface and explore the many facets of your personal life and the journey you have travelled, or you have amassed so much experience in your career that you want to dedicate space to not only what you have learned, but how you learned it, this is the package for you.

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As a ghostwriting client, I will open my black book of industry contacts and self-publishing author services who can help you with the final steps of your book journey.

This includes affordable commercial printers, kickass graphic designers, distribution contacts and more!