Plant the seeds to reap rewards from your book

Spring is the season of new beginnings, of planting seeds that you will be able to reap and enjoy the fruits of in the future.

Becoming an author is much the same as planting a fruit tree. First, you need the seeds of an idea, a passion to step up and become a changemaker by sharing your knowledge or lived experience with others around you and the wider world.

Once you plant those seeds, you can’t just walk away and wait for it to happen – you need to take action. Watering your idea and nurturing it as it grows and making sure you give it lots of positive attention and sunshine and making it a priority in your life.

You need to be aware that weeds will grow unexpectedly; they come in the form of self-doubt, imposter syndrome, disbelief that what you have to say is worth being read. These weeds can grow within your own mind or be blown in on the wind in the form of other people’s opinions and comments. Like any successful gardener, you need to remove any weeds quickly, but gently, so you don’t damage the already establishing roots.

Be sure that you don’t walk away and leave your tree prematurely. Just because a sturdy trunk is now established in the form of a solid chapter structure and there are many branches growing as the content is created, doesn’t mean the tree can fend for itself. You will need to continue to give your manuscript time and attention, so it grows and evolves into the book you had always envisaged. Failure to do this will leave you with a fruitless tree that never reaches maturity.

When your physical book arrives in your hands, it’s like picking that first fruit of the season from your tree. Here, you have something that can offer to the world. Your book could be the life-changing key someone has needed to unlock a better life for themselves and their families.

You were able to achieve this by seeing your seed of an idea all the way through to harvest.

Being an author of a high quality book is still held in high esteem in professional circles. You are elevated to expert status and with some great marketing behind you, the potential to leverage your book to become an industry commentator, a renowned leader, a sought-after consultant and even a speaker on a global scale is limitless – you can take it as far as you want to.

The key is in the foundations – in nurturing those seeds of ideas to create a book that connects as strongly with your core message, values and beliefs as it does with your readers. When they truly resonate with you and your message, readers feel like they know you, will like you and trust the product or service that you offer – the golden trilogy of converting new clients.

Imagine being a published author poised to launch your first book in early 2021!

It can be a reality if you simply make a start today.

If you have had some challenges with nurturing your ideas and having the time to tend to your manuscript to help it grow and evolve, you can call in a qualified ‘gardener’ like me! As a ghost-writer, I work closely with aspiring authors who have a desire to step up and become changemakers in their respective fields.

You can join me on a transformational process that I like to call The Phoenix Phenomenon, where I work closely with you to uncover your strongest and most authentic message and connect this with your knowledge and lived experience to create a bespoke, engaging and inspiring manuscript that will provide you with leverage for growth of both your business and personal profiles by accessing new income streams and even up levelling the pricing of products or services to match the credibility that comes with becoming a published author.

All of this is done with limited, but highly effective, contact time, so you can invest your precious time and energy into businesses and family pursuits.

Concept to completion packages allow you to be guided through your publishing journey with me as your publishing coordinator to create printed books, ebooks, audiobooks. 

So are you ready to take action and plant those seeds to become a published author?

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