Do you want to boost your profile? Cement yourself as an expert in your field?

Create instant credibility with a book that carries your powerful message. Take your book from concept to completed manuscript with a ghostwriter. Want to find out more about ghostwriting and how I can transform your ideas into a reality?

Your big why

We all have a book inside us. You may already know what yours could be. But more often than not, it is a lack of time or even the uncertainty of how to start or complete your manuscript that has prevented you from achieving your dream of becoming the proud owner of a book. 

I make it easy to bring your dream book to life, helping you to catapult your profile and your business to the next level.

expert advice

Roxanne McCarty OKane Writer Sunshine Coast Ghostwriting

What is Ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is all around you, even if you don’t realise it. That chart-topping hit you just heard on commercial radio – most likely written by a ghostwriter for the superstar who is singing it. The latest speech given by the Prime Minister – most likely

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Roxanne McCarty OKane Writer Sunshine Coast Ghostwriting

Tips for writing the perfect biography

Take a moment to think about what you did the last time you were searching online for a service. When you came across someone new, how did you navigate their page? Chances are, you scrolled through their Home Page and then clicked through to their

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The phoenix phenomenon

Watch interviews with inspirational people who have overcome all sorts of challenges in their lives and be uplifted. Find out how a book can change your life or your business from people who have already walked the path themselves.


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