Do you want to boost your profile? Cement yourself as an expert in your field?

Create instant credibility with a book that carries your powerful message. Take your book from concept to completed manuscript with a ghostwriter. Want to find out more about ghostwriting and how I can transform your ideas into a reality?

Your big why

We all have a book inside us. You may already know what yours could be. But more often than not, it is a lack of time or even the uncertainty of how to start or complete your manuscript that has prevented you from achieving your dream of becoming the proud owner of a book. 

I make it easy to bring your dream book to life, helping you to catapult your profile and your business to the next level.

expert advice

What is the phoenix phenomenon?

When people first find out the name of my online series, The Phoenix Phenomenon, they often ask me what it means. To be perfectly honest, when I first chose the name for my interview series, I simply liked the sound of it. But I quickly

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Memoir vs Autobiography

The majority of the authors I work with have a beautiful balance between sharing a part of their life story as well and knowledge and skills they have accumulated during their time on earth. Because of this, I am often asked – what is the

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The phoenix phenomenon

Every author undergoes a process of transformation during the book creation process. I like to call it The Phoenix Phenomenon. Listen to the unique journeys of successful published authors, learn where they drew inspiration from and how they navigated the path from concept to completion of their book.


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