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The Mindful Author book cover

The Mindful Author

The Mindful Author is the first book in the Ignite & Write trilogy designed to step you through from your first word to complete book using the Phoenix Phenomenon process.

Sprout’s Idea

The forest was filled with music and laughter as the trees celebrated Sprout’s first birthday. But when a magical being entered the forest, it was clear that not everyone was enjoying the fun…

The Resilient Author: 10 top resilience strategies only great authors know

The Successful Author: where creativity meets courage

The Author’s Launchpad: Seven pillars that prepare, position and plan.

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The Structured Author book cover

The Structured Author

The second book in the Ignite & Write trilogy – The Structured Author – is the essential guide for creating a captivating structure for your story and lights the way for you to tap into your inner storyteller to write in your unique voice.
The Published Author book cover - coming soon

The Published Author

What happens once the writing is done? The Published Author is the third book in the Ignite & Write trilogy and steps you through your publishing options as well as divulging marketing tips from the best in the business so your book can shine on the international stage.