s5 ep2 – Gary jackson

This is a man who goes by many names; Captain K9, The Dog Whisperer or simply Gary Jackson. No matter what name you know him by, he is one of Australia’s top dog trainers.

Over a 30-year career, he has worked with more than 20,000 dogs in the realms of obedience, protection and detection as well as handlers in the police, army, prisons, air force, state and federal agencies internationally.

Gary is responsible for many Australian firsts, including training the first megafauna fossil detection dog, quoll detection dog and koala detection dog. He is also an author, with How to Find and Select Your Ultimate Dog, released in 2015, and The Dog Trainer series set for release in 2020.

Here, Gary shares the difference between writing his first book and his upcoming series, where he delves into some hard-hitting topics in order to become a national conversation-starter.

To buy any of Gary’s books, head to https://www.gazjackson.com/

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