Ignite & Write Mentorship

Ignite your passion and write your book! Get the professional support and guidance you need to write your compelling first draft.

It’s common to feel like you are lost in the wilderness while writing your book, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Connect with an award-winning author, ghostwriter and writing mentor to provide you with the clarity you need throughout your writing journey.

About the program

The Ignite & Write Mentorship program runs for 12 weeks with two exclusive intakes a year.

Entry to the program requires either completion of the Ignite & Write Workshop or a private session with Roxanne to have mapped out your chapter structure.

This is so that all participants are clear on their book structure and we can launch into creating the delicious content to COMPLETE your first draft.

The mentorship includes:
  • An intimate group 
  • Weekly coaching and accountability
  • Exclusive writer’s block obliterators 
  • Daily creative sparks
  • Revision of writing and feedback provided for content created for the duration of the program
  • Access to private Facebook group to have any blocks promptly cleared and questions answered
  • Guest expert speakers

The world is waiting for your story!

Make ‘one day’ TODAY and write the book that has been on your heart and buzzing around in your head.

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Know that you have everything inside you, I can help you to bring it onto the page with ease.

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Free your mind to create knowing you have all the support you need to bust through any uncertainty or questions as they arise.

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Connect with an intimate group of aspiring authors on the same journey as you.

Why join?

You get everything you need to write from the Ignite & Write Workshop, but the truth is you may need extra support to implement the new skills you have gained and actually ‘do the do’ to write your first draft.

It is so easy to put your book into the too hard basket, or tell yourself that you will get to it later. Before you know it, decades have passed (that’s not an exaggeration, I see it all the time) and your book is still copped up inside your heart and mind.

Joining the mentorship will put you firmly on the path to not only writing your book, but doing so with ease, clarity and passion – all the key ingredients to writing a potential bestseller!

The time for excuses is over, now is the time for action.

Roxanne's successful Ignite & Write mentorship program students

What to expect

The Ignite & Write Mentorship program is designed to unlock your connection to your own creativity. This is done through creating a supportive and intimate group environment and the ability to connect online in the comfort of your own home.

Roxanne, an award-winning ghostwriter and author, provides weekly coaching and accountability so you can strengthen your author’s mindset and add new creative skills to your toolkit for writing.

Exclusive writer’s block obliterators and daily creative sparks will land in your inbox each and every day of the program to keep you focused.
Roxanne provides revision of your writing and feedback for content created for the duration of the program and you will have access to a private Facebook group so you can any blocks promptly cleared.

With a host of industry connections and being able to call many experts friends, Roxanne brings in select guest expert speakers throughout the program so you can understand the journey of authorship beyond the creation of the first draft.

Is this for me?

This group is for you if you are ready to get some rubber on the road and take action on writing your book.

You have either completed an Ignite & Write Workshop or have worked through a private Power Session with Roxanne and have a clear chapter structure already created.

Now, you require some guidance and knowledge to steer you in the right direction.

Client testimonials

About Roxanne

Since 2007 Roxanne’s unique and multi-award winning method of storytelling has changed the lives of thousands of budding authors, allowing them to bring their messages to life in nonfiction books with structure, connection to the reader and potential profit.

A prolific ghostwriter, author, workshop facilitator, writing mentor and journalist, Roxanne’s presentations are charged with powerful content and tangible tools that remove the mystery from storytelling and ignite a thought-provoking and emotion-evoking theatre within the mind. 

Her first book in the Ignite & Write series, The Mindful Author, has become a powerful resource for aspiring authors around the world to craft their manuscripts with confidence, clarity and a true sense of purpose and passion.  

As an MC, presenter and speaker, Roxanne’s down to earth, relatable, humorous style engages her audience, inspires their minds and moves them to begin to think laterally about their own stories and how their lived experiences and knowledge journeys can have a greater impact on the world around them. 


Ignite & Write Workshop alumni have the option to transition into the mentorship program. You can find out when the next workshop will take place and secure your spot here.

If there is no workshop scheduled between now and the next mentorship intake, contact Roxanne to schedule in a Power Session to ensure your chapter structure is in place ready to start the mentorship program. Please note, private sessions are subject to availability. 

The mentorship program is kept to a maximum of five in each group to ensure everyone has the opportunity to be seen and heard during our weekly sessions and to ensure Roxanne has the capacity to read and provide feedback on work as requested.

Private mentorships are a possibility, but are subject to availability. Please note that private mentorships will not include guest speakers and you will miss the opportunity to connect with other aspiring authors for the duration of the program.

It’s never too late! Even if you have already begun writing, Roxanne can review your existing content and ensure your chapter structure is sound through a Power Session before you begin the mentorship program. If anything, you will be ahead of the game with words already on the page!

Roxanne’s genius zone is the nonfiction realm, so if you are looking to write an autobiography, memoir, collaborative book, family history or self help style, you are in the right place.