s3 ep6: Rachel pope

Rachel Pope is the author of Gifts From Grief, a book she poured her heart into after experiencing traumatic losses of her father, brother and husband in separate tragedies many years apart.

Now, she says it’s time we open up the conversation around grief and in her chat with Roxanne McCarty-O’Kane on The Phoenix Phenomenon, she recounts her journey of healing and how she has found a passion for connecting with people from all walks of like who have either experienced loss themselves or who know someone going through grief that they want to support.

Hers is an uplifting journey that took her from ‘doona days’ through to uncovering the true gifts that each of these men in her life had presented her with.

You can buy Gifts from Grief from http://giftsfromgrief.com or connect with her groups on Facebook and Instagram.

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