s3 ep7: Cecilia bailey

Cecilia Bailey is a daredevil. She has more than 900 skydives under her belt, founded the Sunshine Coast Roller Derby league, loves the thrill of careening down the slopes on skis and has a killer sense of humour to boot.

All of that was compromised when Cecilia suffered from two bleeds from a benign tumour on her brain. The incident happened when she was in her first trimester of pregnancy and Cecilia underwent brain surgery to remove the tumour.

The stroke suffered as a result of the bleeds has left Cecilia with permanent physical disabilities, but by keeping her mindset in check, the daredevil has once again emerged. Although Cecilia miscarried, she fell pregnant again and is now mum to a beautiful and healthy six-year-old, she has discovered the fast-paced world of ice hockey, has found an almighty thrill in learning stand-up comedy and taking to the stage to share her incredible journey of resilience and recovery with audiences around the country.

Here, Cecilia shares how she reclaimed herself, accepted her new limitations and above all else, encourages people to just be kind – no matter what physical package people come in.

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