How to end the Mexican stand off with your blank screen.

Have you ever found yourself in a Mexican stand-off with your computer screen because you aren’t sure what to include in your book or even where to begin?

Although a million ideas are swirling around in your mind, you are left frustrated by the blank screen and your book idea gets shelved. It may be weeks, months, or years later that you decide to begin again, but you find the cycle of frustration repeating once more. The solution is simple – your story needs structure.

By the end of this email, you will have a basic structure you can follow if you are writing your life story in the form of a memoir and another if you are writing a book for your business. These will give you the basic foundations to begin to shape your manuscript outline and write with purpose.

When you are writing a memoir, you are choosing a single theme or situation in your lifetime and only writing about that. Powerful memoirs will include lessons the author has learned throughout the experience, making it the perfect candidate for The Hero’s Journey structure.

At it’s core, this starts off at a set point, covers a fall from grace and then how the author overcomes challenges to rise to greatness. When you break down Hollywood blockbusters, 90% of them would follow this formula.

It is something we are familiar with and highlights the powers of resilience, persistence and strength – values we all admire.

For a business book, you can look at more structured ways to deliver your content. One of the most popular ways is to structure a framework or process with a number of steps the reader can follow.

If you were to follow one of the above structures, what would your basic manuscript structure look like?

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After spending five hours with me and three other like-minded aspiring authors in a hands-on environment, you will have greater clarity of your purpose for writing a book, you know how meaningful it is to share it with the world and you will be at peace with your past and you present so you are ready to launch into a great future.

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