channeling purpose into your book – Dr Andrew browning

To say Dr Andrew Browning is a humble man is somewhat of an understatement. Despite his incredible list of achievements and the impact he had had on the lives of thousands of women in Africa, Dr Browning was a very reluctant author to say the least.

Dr Andrew Brownin is an Australian obstetrician and gynaecologist who is considered the world expert in obstetric fistula surgery. During his 17 years living and working as a volunteer in Africa, Andrew operated on more than 7,000 women affected by obstetric fistulas, which is a debilitating condition resulting from obstructed childbirth.

In 2009 he started his own charity, the Barbara May Foundation and has established maternity hospitals throughout Africa, prevented and treated fistulas, and trained staff, helping to heal some of the world’s most disadvantaged women.

In 2019, Dr Andrew Browning was named as a Member of the Order of Australia in recognition of his outstanding contributions to improving maternal health care for women in poverty.

In his book, A Doctor in Africa, Dr Browning shares the story of his life, from the challenges faced along the way to the stories of the women whose lives he has forever changed. However, it was the latter that gave him the sense of purpose and passion to complete the writing process.

Learn more about some of the women who have touched Dr Browning’s heart and also how his book is paying homage to their incredible stories.

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