Gifts for an aspiring author

Looking for the perfect gift for the aspiring author in your life? Here are three ideas that will get their creativity flowing.

If you are looking for a gift for a loved one (maybe yourself?!) who has said time and time again they are going to write a book, but haven’t crossed the start line yet… I have some ideas for you!

Give the gift of authorship!

Here are some powerful ways you can support your aspiring author’s book writing journey…

# 1 The Mindful Author

Dive into the pages of The Mindful Author and start to imagine what it will feel like when you’re holding your published masterpiece in your hand and you hear people talking about the impact it has made in their life.

Imagine knowing that your journey, experience and knowledge has healed and helped thousands!

Imagine seeing your book online, in stores and in the hands of readers that you’ve set out to transform and knowing you’ve fulfilled part of your grand purpose here in this world!

It’s time to IGNITE YOUR VISION, WRITE YOUR BOOK and get it right, the first time!


#2 Ignite & Write Workshop

By joining the intimate Ignite & Write Workshop, you will be introduced to The Phoenix Phenomenon ACT process, which provides clear and easy steps to build strong foundations for your book manuscript.

You will become aware of the inner self talk that can hold you back from writing your book and become more empowered than ever before to reach your goal. You will also feel more connected to yourself, your story and your audience, which will propel you through any future hurdles to becoming the author you’ve always dreamed of.

You will have greater clarity of your purpose for writing a book, you know how meaningful it is to share it with the world and you will be at peace with your past and you present so you are ready to launch into a great future. All of this will be achieved in a focused setting among like-minded people over six hours of connection.

Gift vouchers available! So you can buy for yourself or gift to a loved one.


# 3 Ghostwriting

 This is the ultimate commitment!
If you or someone you love dearly NEEDS to get their story out there, but are:

* Time poor
* Better verbal communicators
* Need guidance throughout the journey
* Know their super power is not writing and are prepared to outsource to a professional
* Under tight deadlines to create their book

Ghostwriting is the perfect solution!

Book a call to discuss your book vision with me.

I will walk you through the ghostwriting process so you can truly start to see your book come to life.

It’s time to let your story RISE!