The number one thing you need to finish your book

I know you have thought on more than one occasion that you have an engaging story within you. That you want to share your life or the things you have learned with the world to make it a better place.

But so far, your dream has remained just that – a fantasy.

Without action, that is all it will be.

So now is the time for you to make the decision to stop holding yourself back. Now is the time to go head-to-head with the little voice inside your head that tells you that you are not an expert, that no one will care what you have to say, that you aren’t good enough to be able to write the book you have dreamed about.

I have a hot tip that I’d like to share with you; there are a few small questions you can ask yourself that will have the most profound impact on your path to becoming an author.

They are who, what, when, where and why. As a journalist, these were my go-to while covering any sort of story. As a ghoswtriter and writing mentor, they are essential to ensuring your compass is always pointing in the right direction.

Aspiring authors who have a clear purpose and understanding of why they are writing their book are the ones who will see the process through to the end. They are the ones who will be able to hold a physical book in their hands and add ‘author’ to their credentials.

So let’s look at each of the questions.

Step 1 – Who are you writing for? This is your ideal reader – the person you hope the most will hear and learn from your message.

Step 2 – What can you teach them?

Step 3 – When do you hope for your message to reach them? Before, during or after an addiction, an accident or any situation?

Step 4 – Where do you want their mind to be when they reach the last page of your book – on a high and ready for change? Contemplating on how they can learn from you? Armed with new knowledge they can implement into their lives?

Step 5 – Why are you so passionate about sharing your story? It may seem a little over-used these days, but you cannot deny that your ‘Why’ becomes your biggest motivator. Understanding why your story is bigger than you and how it will make a difference in the lives of others, the ‘who’ you have now identified, is so delicious that it will stoke those fires of creativity.

Your why is the go-to that will kick-start your passion and help you over the hurdles you will face on your writing journey. In fact, I have a small exercise for you – once you have uncovered your ‘why’, write it down and place it somewhere you can see it from your primary writing space.

Whenever you are feeling any doubt, fear or are losing the will to type another word, read your why. Remember who your ideal reader is. Remember how you can help them to change their life. Maybe even to save it.

So right now you have a choice. You can choose to remain where you are, with your dream of authorship never becoming a reality. Or you can take action! Complete the steps above and get the clarity you need. Imagine finally fulfilling your dream of becoming an author! Imagine your book being out there in the world providing a beacon of light, hope and guidance for others!

It is all possible. It is all within you. All you need is to take action.

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