The journey to bestseller – s6 ep3 Helen slater

With a combination of knowledge, experience and vulnerability to share it all, Helen Slater was able to reach Amazon Bestseller Status for her first book Survive and Thrive Through Your Separation.

Helen Slater’s separation more than 10 years ago left her emotionally challenged and financially damaged. Originally from the UK, Helen came to Australia in 2002 and is based on the Sunshine Coast.

A Mum to teenagers, she’s had her fair share of life challenges, from work and relationships to relocation and financial hurdles, ultimately being embroiled in the family law legal system.

Helen had no legal experience, yet she negotiated her own family law legal proceedings as a self-represented litigant on property settlement, children arrangements and divorce with very favourable outcomes.

Spurred on by friends and family, she’s combined knowledge she’s gained over 30 years in personal development and her self-representing legal experience to help educate and empower others through her coaching and mentoring business Separation Insights and her best-selling book.

Helen is now a renowned divorce coach who assists people with navigating the minefield that is the family law legal system.

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