s4 ep8: zoe sparks

Zoe Sparks shares how becoming an author boosted her business profile and helped her to reach out to and help many more people than she could ever have done in a one-to-one format.

Zoe is an author, speaker, business mentor and four-time author.

The founder of Spectacular Enterprises as well as the hugely successful SHINE Business Women shares how she began to document her award-winning business expertise to help the people who were approaching her to mentor them to achieve the same level of success in their own businesses.

Releasing Strive & Thrive first, Zoe realised she had a trilogy of books in her and guided readers on the full journey from establishing a business all the way through to receiving recognition with the addition of Healthy & Wealthy and Award & Reward.

To celebrate the first anniversary of SHINE Business Women, which Zoe founded in 2018, she launched SHINE’ing The Spotlight – a collection of 52 profiles of businesswomen linked to her collective.

You can buy any of Zoe’s books at www.zoesparks.com

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