s4 ep5: Sand mew

Sand Mew has been fascinated by reading bodies and feet from a very young age onwards. Facing and overcoming a severe sickness with 16, enabled her to gain an even deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of body mind and spirit.

Sand Mew has been fascinated by reading bodies and feet from a very young age onwards. Facing and overcoming a severe sickness with 16, enabled her to gain an even deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of body mind and spirit.

Since then, her path has been one of inspired, deep self discovery, creating an aligned life and business, and helping others to do the same.

Sand is an author, speaker and holistic transformational mentor for conscious leaders, entrepreneurs and CEOs. As the founder of the modality The Footprint Connection™ with 15+ years experience and certified Advanced Spiral Practitioner, Sand has packaged all of this up into her new release Remember Who You Are, an international bestseller that is taking the world by storm.

Here, Sand shares how becoming an author has added another pillar to her life’s work and created another platform from which she can share her life-changing message en masse.

To buy a copy of Remember Who You Are, head to www.sandmew.com.

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Roxanne – Hi, there, everyone. Welcome to another edition of “The Phoenix Phenomenon”. I’m your host, Roxanne McCarty O’Kane. And thank you for joining us once again as we focus on sharing the transformational process that authors go through when writing their books. Now today, I’m joined by an incredible Sand Mew. So welcome, Sand. Lovely to have you on.

Sand – Hi, how are you going? Thanks for having me.

Roxanne – Awesome. So Sand is an author, speaker, and holistic transformational mentor for conscious leaders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs. As the founder of the modality, The Footprint Connection, which we’ll find out little bit more about shortly. Sand has more than 15 years of experience. And has– And is a certified advanced Spiral Practitioner. These are not words I know. Sand is passionate about connecting people with their uniqueness and message, and helping them to take the brakes off so they can unapologetically share their authentic gifts with the world, increase their income, and have positive impact with ease. That all sounds absolutely fabulous. Now, the reason we have Sand on here today is that she’s the author of a new book that’s being released in May, this year, 2020. “Remember Who You Are”. Embody your limitless potential and unapologetically share your gifts with the world. Has an amazing, amazing message. And, Sand, I would love for you to share a little bit more about your book and what did you say you cover in there? So I’ve had a little taste in that it’s almost 400 pages of amazing information that people can tap into. But yeah, we’d love to get the insider thoughts on what it is that you’ve incorporated in there.

Sand – Yeah. So yeah, it’s nearly 400 pages of like, a guidebook for people that are either stuck in a job that they don’t like or already are on their purposeful mission, but they feel like there’s a missing link that has still held them back from fully, I guess, getting that breakthrough or fully feeling fulfilled, living purpose, creating wealth and income and impact all at the same time. So not having to choose either or, but actually being able to just live it all and have it all and be it all . So this is pretty much helping everyone that feels like there’s a missing link that just wants to have that spark of true fulfillment on all levels and make it happen with more ease and inner certainty. So it’s all about clarity and confidence and being able to just do it, taking the brakes off, and being able to just move forward rather than being stuck in emotional patterns, sabotage, resistance, and, you know, name it like all sorts of stuff that holds us back, as people.

Roxanne – Yeah. That sounds amazing. And who doesn’t want all of that in their life, really?

Sand – Yeah. Right. Exactly. So yeah, that’s what it’s here for. It’s just like a big message to humanity, really, and everyone that’s ready to just really live it all. It’s here .

Roxanne – Amazing. No, that’s great. Thanks, Sand. And I’d love it if you could take our readers on, I guess, a bit of a journey through your background and what it is that led you into the industry that you’re in today. So I’ve noticed on your website there was mention of, you know, facing some big challenges when you were a teenager. So if you were to happen to kind of paint the scene that that’s put you on the path to where you are now, that would be amazing.

Sand – Totally. So I guess my journey, overall, started more like, way before I was a teenager, even like, about when I was four or five. And I was walking on a field of grass in South Germany, where I grew up. And I looked at my feet. And they were just so different to my mom’s and my sisters. So I was like, “Well, what’s going on here? Like, I’m the same family? Am I not– Like, why are they so different?” And I didn’t like them. And so I was kind of like, hiding them away a bit, you know, when we were in summertime swimming and you kind of did the footprints on dry earth. And I was like, I didn’t like them. So I was kind of like, sneaking around. But I observed all the people. And I was like, it seems like their personalities are really reflected in their feet. And so that’s kind of got me like, looking and feeling into different people and their vibes and their personalities and their behavioral patterns. And I just saw so much reflection of shapes and personalities and the connections of that. And that got me sort of like, observing all throughout my life and always following my intuition, too. Then when I was a teenager, I got really stressed and I got quite disconnected. Didn’t listen very much to my intuition. You know, like assignments, high school pressures, boyfriend, girlfriend, I didn’t like, and so on. It was kind of like, a lot of different pressures going on. And I got really sick. And then I was like, literally like, yeah, kind of bedridden for like three months-plus. I couldn’t go to school. I was super sick. And I hit sort of a real rock bottom there. And I was, you know, going from specialist to specialist and they all kind of had diagnosis on mass, but I didn’t have any proper treatment that really helped. They just all stuffed me full of medication which didn’t go very well. And I never had been medicated much at all for my whole life. So my body didn’t handle it at all. And in the end, I was just pretty much on the floor. Like, no hope left. They all just told me I’m the worst case and they couldn’t really help me, which wasn’t really helpful at all.

Roxanne – No! My goodness.

Sand – No, I know. I was like, there was nothing left. My mom was like, “My goodness, what should we do?” You know? And I was like, “I don’t really know what else we can do.” And so I was sitting on the floor one day in the bathroom, in agony. And I was like, “So is this it now? And like, surely? Like, that can’t be it, can it?” And then this little voice just went, “No, no, no. you’ve got so much more to do. You cannot give up right now. You have so much more to do. You got to travel the world and you got to share some big stuff. Like, just hang in there.” And I was like, that’s kind of the only thing I can sort of hold on to in that moment. So I was like, “Okay, I’ll just go with it. And just, hopefully, it’s true.” And the cool thing was within, like, a couple of days, a friend of mine gave me a number to this natural path that was living somewhere in the hills, hidden, doing his awesome stuff. And she was like, “Check it out. It can’t hurt. Like, you can’t lose anything.” And I was like, yup. Grabbed the piece of hope and ran with it. And yeah, we went there. My mom drove me there. And 3 1/2 days later, I was nearly back to normal.

Roxanne – Wow.

Sand – Yeah. And so I was like, “Wow. There’s so much more to what we’ve been told, you know.” So then that kind of really spurred me on to just study and learn more about the body and holistic ways of being. And at that time, when I was getting better, I realized, like, three main keys. So one is, stress is a killer. You always got to listen to your intuition. Because at the time when I was sick, and my first specialist diagnosed me and told me what to do, I was like, that doesn’t feel right. And I had a 30-minute discussion with her about whether I should do what she told me and I didn’t want to do it. And I had 30 minutes of a discussion as a 16-year-old. In the end, I had to kind of give in, ’cause she got really hardcore.

Roxanne – Yeah.

Sand – And I was like, “Okay, well I guess I’ll do it.” But it didn’t feel right. I did it, and then I got really sick. So that was really a massive lesson. And also, that body, mind, and spirit are really, truly one. So it’s not just something that people always say. It’s really one. So there’s no real start and end. It’s just one. All reflected. So that kind of, then, really, inspired me on more to like really learn more about natural therapies. It got me started on that whole pathway. And I journeyed and traveled through the world. And studied cultures, ancient cultures, religions, ways of consciousness, and how people created their reality. And I’m always coming back to the body and how it’s all reflected in there. And then later moving to Australia, starting that job with the herbalism, bodywork, reflexology, NLP, coaching, you name it . I kind of just popped it all together. And I always found it was all reflected in the feet as well.

Roxanne – Yeah. I was going to ask where are the feet? So the feet was a constant thing that was being–

Sand – It was just this spread. Yeah. It was kind of amazing. Like, even sitting in clinic in naturopathy and, you know, we had to go through these questionnaires that would take 2 1/2, three hours, usually, to go through. And people would arrive with their whole bags of medication to kind of try to replace them with other supplements. And I just didn’t like it. ‘Cause it was– For me, it was auto-removed. And when we go– went through these questionnaires, I was often going like, “Can I just grab your feet for one second? Like, just one second.” They’d be like, “Sure.” So they lift up their foot and I’m like, “Cool. I know where to start. Put the questionnaire aside. Let’s dive straight in.” You know? So it was kind of always that quick snapshot of like, what is going on? Their strength, their gifts, their blockages? What– You know, what we had to really focus on and what it meant. So all of that’s reflected in the feet. So that got me started to create my own modality. And that was sort of 16 years ago. I was treating people all over the world. Yeah. So, so many people. And then later, as I wanted to like, share this message bigger and just share more of what’s actually possible for us in creating our dreams and reality, I realized even in studying business and sharing your heartfelt message in the world and heart-centered marketing, I was like, “Okay. Actually, all of that’s reflected in the feet as well.” So then that kind of got me, then, further into more business mentoring and purpose mentoring and monetize it, you know, in a calling mentoring. And so I’ve been kind of like, just more and more going into the mentoring and coaching and healing the world for entrepreneurs and CEOs and just people that help other people take the brakes off, you know.

Roxanne –  Yeah.

Sand – And creating more and more of a ripple effect because the more people we can affect and touch with our message, the better. So I kind of just saw myself as a piece in that link as well. The more people I can help that reach other people, the more people get sort of reached by that message and that effect. And so that’s kind of how it’s been growing and transforming ever since.

Roxanne – That’s amazing. And I do want to ask, just for my own curiosity and others maybe thinking as well. Like, now knowing what you know about your feet, like, what was it that you learned about yourself? Like, from those–

Sand –  Yes!

Roxanne – My feet really differ from my family’s. Like, you must have a whole new appreciation for them now.

Sand – Totally. Yes. So when I was like about maybe 18, 19, I’d do the– I did some– It was kind of like a– almost like a little apprenticeship with a guy in South Germany who did alignments for the spine and emotional combinations and connections there. The psychosomatics around that held those spinal misalignments in place and what it took for people to actually get an alignment happening. So that was– As I was studying with him, I learned a lot about it. But then I also found these books in his bookshelf about feet reading and what the feet told more about the body and way, way going beyond reflexology and the meaning and the– in a health sense and the physical sense. And yeah, what I found was just like, wow! And then from that moment, I was like, now I get it. Like, I’m a connector. I’m like, I need to like, dive deep with people. I need to transform people. I love harmony in the sense of creating a deep sense of inner harmony. For me, it’s all about alignment. So if people feel like they’re out of alignment, it’s because it’s all there. Like, if there’s anything that’s blocking us from living in our alignment, like, I can’t live like that. So I need to work on it, remove it, tweak it, clear the charge. And so I help– I love helping people do the same so that they can feel fully in alignment with themselves and create that fulfillment on a deep level. So that’s kind of what I found in my feet. And I was like, “Well, that makes sense. I’m the only one in the family that’s interested in that way, that does that.” So yeah, no wonder that I’m the only one with these feet. Yeah.

Roxanne – And I imagine, you know, you’ve probably blown so many lines over the years with, like we said, just being able to go, “Just to show me your foot, and I’ll be able to tell you exactly what’s going on.”

Sand – Yes, totally . Yeah. It’s funny, like, also working with– And, you know, business owners of like, you know, big, big companies and organizations these days. It’s funny. Cause Bernard and Esther go like, “Can you lift up your foot for a second?” You know. Like, “If, fine. Like, okay, so hang on. We’re just kind of talking in circles there. Like, just let me see your foot really quickly and we’ll tell straight away what you need to focus on, what we’re going to avoid here, and, you know, let’s work with your strengths.” So then they lift up their foot and go, “Yeah, yeah, sure. Okay. Excuse my feet.” And I’m like, “Well, that’s no worries.” And it’s just there, you know. So we can see straight away what’s the expression modalities of that person. What did I need to focus on? What’s their weaknesses? What did I need to avoid that’s not going to serve them? What did I need to delegate? What sort of business model do we need to look at, that serves them the most? There’s all the stuff written in the feet. So it’s so much easier to actually find that. Yes, through that myriad of options. You know, as an entrepreneur yourself, you would probably understand that. You know, there’s so many different ways of spend your time. But also, there certain tasks and certain projects and certain ways of doing things that work so much easier for you than others, right? Certain things create so much more of a flow and actually value for time and energy input rather than other things. Right? So all of that’s in the feet and we can avoid so much time wastage and energy wastage and self doubt and worries and fears because of all this wasted time that can go into things . We can avoid all of that by just tapping into what we need to tap into, and then we can have flow.

Roxanne – Yeah. Yeah. It’s almost like just staying true to your genius zone, isn’t it? Like–

Sand – Totally. Yes.

Roxanne –  Yeah. Yeah.

Sand – Yes, yes. And a lot of people don’t know what that is. And a lot of people expect themselves to create something or success in something that they think they should be good at, but they’re actually not. It’s just not their personality. So this is about dropping the pressure as well. This is not just about taking the breaks off in order to create speed. And I don’t know, like, some people think when I say take the brakes off that more pressure, more speed, you know. And it’s more about the opposite. It’s about allowing yourself to take the pressure off, allowing yourself to take, I guess, the whip off, you know, the harsh voice inside to actually allow yourself to be who you are. So you can feel more relaxed at the same time as just creating more speed at the same time, though. So it’s a good feeling.

Roxanne – Yeah. All right. And so, yeah, we’d love to know more about, if we’re bringing it back to the book and “Remember Who You Are”, which is an amazing title, by the way. I love that. A lot of us do get–

Sand – Can I hold it up?

Roxanne – Beautiful cover. So many of us do get lost, don’t we? And we lose who we are. So I think it’s a really wonderful for times at the moment.

Sand – Yeah. Totally. I think, yeah, it’s perfect. I mean, it’s been my journey forever. So for me it was kind of like, it came one day, it was like– I was actually writing on a different book at the time. And yeah, like, I thought I needed to write a book about the foot bone connection first and, you know, how our purposes reflect in the feet and so on. And so I was starting to write that. And all of a sudden, like, ’cause when I visited this VIP event of a mentor I was working with a few years ago. And we were guided through a steep process, like a meditation process. And I had this vision of myself like an ice skater skipping around the globe like this. And like, you know, in sort of spins and literally igniting people with a candle in each tummy. Like, lighting this candle. Right? And so it kind of hit this light wave all around the globe. And I was like, “Wow, this feels so amazing. What is this?” Right? Like, am I supposed to dance? Like, I love dancing, but I was like, is this part of– I was like, what on earth is going on here? And then it was just like that word of like, igniting and reminding people of who they are. And then the words, remember who you are, came over and over. And I was like, okay. And then this message came through that I’m going to be writing on a different book, on a second book. And that will be helping people, like, remove the breaks. Like, really stop holding themselves back and really moving forward and sharing their gifts. And so I was like, okay. And I wasn’t quite sure yet what it was going to be about in detail on anything. So I didn’t really think anything of it. And as I was like, starting my first book, what I thought was my first book, I was doing a spiral journey with the practitioner program that I did a few years ago. And it really took my brakes off . And then all of a sudden I woke up one morning at 4:00 a.m. in the morning by this voice, which was my intuition, but it was so loud, it literally screamed at me . It was like, “You need to write me now.” And I was like, “So what about my other book?” And it was like, “No, you got to write “Remember Who You Are” now. You gotta put the other one on hold. You gotta write me now.” And so I was like, “Okay. So what’s this about now?” And it was like, “Okay, just take something to write right now.” And I was like, “Okay. I’ll grab my phone, grab my notes out.” And it’s like, “Okay, go on, then.” So then it download of 40 headers to me. And it said, “You got to write this, ASAP.” And I was like, “Okay. All right.” I’m booked up for like, a couple of months in advance. It’s very packed times. And I’ve got two kids and I was like, wow, okay. And it was like, “Yep, you gotta fit me in, ASAP.” And I was like, okay, I felt that it was so like, it needed to happen straight away.

Roxanne –  Yeah.

Sand – And I was like, “Okay, well I’m going to schedule in a few weekends straight away, as soon as I can, starting two months. And then, yeah, I’m gonna write you, all right? That’s a promise. But can I please go back to bed now?” And it was like, “Okay then.” And I was like, “All right.” So that’s kind of pretty much how it started. And then two months later, I was in a first book writing getaway that I booked myself into. And yeah, pretty much just started downloading .

Roxanne – That’s amazing. So even– So you’ve obviously set aside the time. You’ve gone away for the weekend. Was it literally like, you shut the doors, sat down, and off you went? Like, was it that immediate? Well, tell us about the process for you.

Sand – No, it wasn’t. ‘Cause, unfortunately, the first time I chose this place, it was like an Airbnb and it didn’t feel so great. So I was sitting there, and it had a great view. But it didn’t feel so good inside. So I felt a bit tense. And I was like, “This is going to be interesting. Now I’ve sit here. And I kind of have this moment now, and now I need to write, right?” And then I thought, this is going to take me one weekend or six weekends or 10 weekends. I have no idea how many pages this is going to be. I have no idea. I’ve never written a book. This is going to be interesting, right?

Roxanne –  Yeah.

Sand – So as I was going through this process, too, I was like, just before I booked into these weekends, I was like, “Well, I’m too busy to research all the knows and hows and what to do with publishing a book.” And so I was kind of going, “Okay, you know, book, if you want me to write you now, you need to help me find a mentor or something to help you publish this book. Because I believe I don’t have time to research all the steps.” And so it was very cool how it went. I was entering this book competition with this book mentoring lady that I had come across a few years earlier that was recommended to me. And I just went and filled out a bit of information for one of her book launch sessions that she had on like, a competition. Right? So as I was like, walking in for that event or for the getaway, I then received an email from her saying, “You won. Congratulations.” So I got one of her sessions, which was valued over a grand. And to kind of map out the steps and, you know, like– And then I decided to work with her ’cause it was such a great flow. So that worked out itself. And so that was good. So I knew I had sort of someone to, you know, fall back on in case I’ve got stuck or something.

Roxanne – Yeah.

Sand – Work with that. So that was really helpful. And then with that first getaway weekend I think I got maybe like, 30,000 words done or something.

Roxanne – That’s good.

Sand – Which is good, but it was great. But I was like, “I’m just at the beginning here.” Like, it just felt like, I was just at the start. So it’s like, “Okay, this is good. But I need to book in some more, right?” So then next time I definitely chose a really nice place, with ocean views, that really got me inspired. And I was like, I needed to just pick really good places where I can just like, really get into the flow. And with my modality, with the clearing, without it, that I use the spiral, there’s something called a manifestation clear. And so I did that with getting into the flow of writing. Because every time when I’d arrive after like, you know, working through, seeing tons of clients, helping all these people. I’d arrive and I’d be like, “Okay. Well, and now I need to write.”

Roxanne – Yeah. It’s just full responsibility, isn’t it? Yeah.

Sand – I know, right? So then I was like, okay, well, every time when I’d sit there and go, “well, just do your manifestation clear.” And sometimes a part of me wanted to almost block it. Right? Although I knew it would help me. And so once I was like, nearly it for a whole day of my few days. I think I only had three or four days to write. And the first day I nearly stuffed it up by just sabotaging. And I was like, “I can’t believe this.” Right. So then I did my manifestation clear. And within seconds I was like, in flow zone, in writing. And from then on, I always kind of just did it straight away, no matter if I felt like it or not.

Roxanne – Yeah. Yeah.

Sand – And it just got me straight into writing. So that really helped because otherwise it’s really– I find it, like, without the tool I can imagine it’s really tough for people to sit down and then go, “Okay, now you’ve got to write.” It’s a battle. And get into the flow, right? So the manifestation clear certainly helped.

Roxanne – Excellent. That’s great. And, obviously, you were drawing on a number of years of, you know, all of your lived experience, all the knowledge that you’ve created, your amazing experiences that you’ve had around the world. Like, was it easy to recall what you wanted to recall when you wanted to recall it? Or did you come across some hurdles in that respect?

Sand – No, that was all there. I kind of– Because like, I was constantly, completely in the inspired flow zone with it. I had constant downloads happening while I was writing the book, even during the times when I couldn’t write it. It was more frustrating to not be able to just sit down and write, because I was really tied up with clients and programs and my kids, morning and night. So I was like, “I can’t write it, but I really just want to sit down and write and write and write and write in that.” So.

Roxanne – You were fully in. Fully committed. That’s awesome.

Sand – Yeah, it was like, such an inspiring– an inspired time, for sure. Yeah.

Roxanne – Well, that’s great. And we talked a little bit before we hit record before, you know. And I was saying, you know, being such an unlicensed woman and knowing so much about yourself, if there were any, you know, unexpected realizations or any connections that you made that you had and sort of hadn’t dropped in for you before that came while you were writing your book.

Sand – Yeah, totally. I think like, was a big phase of growing time for me, for sure. Like, so first I had all the downloads and I wrote them. And so the first phase of the book, the first draft, that kind of just flowed out. I mean, I had to just manage my own– Like, getting my human self out of the way, I call it. You know, getting myself out of the way, and just write. So that was the manifestation clears. And just letting myself write it all out. But then once I was finished with the first draft, I thought, because I had gotten a book publishing package with editing and everything. So I thought, yeah, the biggest part is done. And a lot of people told me, “Look, editing is gonna be huge.” But I was kind of like, “Well, that’s why I hired these people.” Right? So I thought, “Yeah, yeah, I’m going to be supported there.” And it turned out so different. So– So the actual writing and downloading was such a flow. It was all finished. And I mean, I did work hard and like, getting it finished till the end of the year. So I started on the 30th of September, and I was done by the end of the year. So that was really cool, considering it was like, really packed and busy. And I had only these few weekends.

Roxanne – Yeah. That’s amazing. An incredible accomplishment. Let me say.

Sand – But then the editing phase began, right? And that turned out into such a challenging process. Because, I guess, with my work, it’s all about coming fully into your body and being really present in your body. Which means, if you’re fully in your center, you look at the world from completely inside out. It’s like, we’re a circle and we are right in the center. And from that center point, we look out into the world. So there’s no self-reflection from the point of view of looking from outside in. But in the editing phase, all what happens is you have to draw out so you can look at it from outside in.

Roxanne – Yes.

Sand – And that really threw a spanner into my flow, into who I am, into everything. It really challenged me because I had to like– Usually, my whole constant effort or what I do is, coming in . And all of a sudden, I constantly had to go into going out, going out so that I could reflect from outside in. So you can kind of sort of see it was quite a challenge in that way because it brought up all sorts of stuff. And then I started going, “I said this story. And you know, it’s this small town that I grew in– grew up in, and I was about to go to Germany.” And then I was like, “What if they’re gonna make all these stories out of it?” And then I kind of started all getting into this heavy space where I doubted and judged it. And I ended up in this total like, spinning mode of like, just all the stuff that I usually help people clearing and getting out of. And I was like, “Okay, I get it. I have to like, really go through it again.” So even though everything was deeply experienced experience that I was writing about, I kind of had to live through it all again. Also, I did one sort of like, the second review call with my mentor. And after they did the first sort of checkup on the draft. And so she sort of went, “Look, I really like this and that but, look, why don’t you just take this part and that part out? I would just get rid of them, and use them for a different book.” And I was like, “Okay. I mean, I’m open to getting coached here.” But then I sat with it. And then I literally entered this phase of like, it was like the universe went, “Sand, do you really think you can just say this is not important?” And it was like, it slapped that around my face and went, “This is really not important? Do you really think that you can just cut this one out, and do you really think this is not important?” So I was like, “My goodness.” I was kind of like, really forced to face every single lesson once more to go, “You really think this is not important? Then take it out. But, you know, I’m challenging you on this one.” And so I had to really like, sit with everything and slowly, slowly weave everything back in again. So I reshuffled the whole thing, brought it back in, tweaked it, refined it, turned it around. So it was a really interesting process of really, I guess, deepening every experience once more. And one part around anxiety and going through like, a really deep experience in the sense of a big wake up came. Like, I had a certain viewpoint on it that needed to be deepened by the looks of it. So then I had this quite a challenging experience, actually. And sort of about maybe quarter of a year later, I was doing some clearing around connections with my parents and my mom, who is super close. And as I was clearing, I triggered something up in me that turned my whole life upside down. And that was self-inflicted because I didn’t even realize it was going to do that. So I cleared some of my– I guess, my security network, internally, in order to empower myself more and bring it more back to inner certainty rather than depending on anyone else as other pillars of my life. And that really triggered up, like, a massive shakeup. It was like something that people go through when they lose a pillar in their life. As in, you know, someone passes away or they lose a business or some other really massive reference system in their life. So I went through that by kind of triggering that out myself, because I cleared it, thinking I was going to do a good thing for myself and my mom . And surely it was very self-empowering. But it sent me through hell for a very short time. And that, then, really downloaded some more deep or deeper insights about certain aspects that I was writing about. Because, I guess, a lot of the part in the book is about finding and learning how to navigate to a place back of inner certainty on a very, very deep core level. And so it was kind of like, okay, you have to like, live this to the deepest, utterest truth. And once you get that, you can really represent that. So that was kind of a message in the book, of by the book. It was like, “Okay, you’re teaching me a massive lesson here, book.” And as I was going through that, it was like a period of three or four weeks that really shook everything up. It made my whole life and everything stands to my business stopped in the tracks. It was like, really weird. It was like, I was cut off by the world, by everyone, no one could see me anymore. Not even myself. And it was like, yeah, what you call like a dark night of the soul moment.

Roxanne – Yeah.

Sand – And, literally, everything fell away. And because I’m usually always very connected with myself and have this sense of, I know who I am and I have the inner certainty there. It was like, a massive, a massive shake– like, a massive shock. And so with that, it taught me so many insights. Again, like so many times in my life, I felt like I had to go through all these lessons in order to be able to understand others better. It’s always been like that. I had to go and experience a million different things and always learned the lesson or the inside after– You had to just go through that so you get it. I’m like, “Okay. You can accept that.” And it’s always helped me help people in a deeper way, right?

Roxanne – Absolutely. And I’ve found that with a few people I’ve had on the show now, now that I’ve been focusing, solely, on authors, is that, yeah, they have this amazing message to start out with, but by the time they’re finished writing their book, it’s just so solidified and so good. I’m just like, they’re living and breathing it. So yeah .

Sand – Yes. Yes, certainly. And so, yeah, so as I was going through this phase, then all these pictures downloaded like, graphics that are also used in a book. And I was showing them to all my clients that came through. And it was amazing because a lot of them just looked at the pictures. I explained it to them. And they were breaking out in tears and going, “My goodness, that makes so much sense. I was always looking for this and I never knew this is it.” So that was like, just showing me every step of the way, like, you know, you’re on the right track, just share with. It will help so many people. It can help so many people, those that are ready to actually let it in.

Roxanne –  Yeah.

Sand – Yeah. So yeah, that’s my intention for the world, that it just helps as many people as possible to take the brakes off. And yeah, let them find that inner clarity, that inner certainty, and share what they’ve got to share. Yeah.

Roxanne – That’s amazing. And so you’ve gone through, you know, you smashed out your writing. Come on, like three to four months, that’s pretty epic. Then going through the editing,, like, going through all this personal development and evolution as you’re going along, tell me what it was like to hold the first copy, even if it was just a proofed copy of the book in your hands and what that moment was like for you.

Sand – It was like, very exciting. I even took a little video and posted it on my page, too. And I knew, you know, I might not like it, but not like, I was just thinking, what if I don’t like it? So I was like, in one way, so excited and going, “Finally!” And so happy and excited, but at the same moment I was like, “And what if I open it now? And I was hoping so much would be really good and then I won’t like it. What if that’s going to be the case?” You know? So it was like really, I guess, torn in that moment. And I was like, you know, so excited. So I unpacked it. And I was like, “Whoa!” But then I was also like, “There’s something going on with the cover. Bummer.” But anyway, and so I was sharing that on video and I shared it with my tribe because I was like, this is just such a special moment, no matter what. And I was just completely transparent and real with it. And then everyone in on the process and that was really amazing, actually.

Roxanne – So having walked the walk, you’ve got your book, you’ve launched it out into the world, and it’s already making a huge difference. What are some of your hot tips for aspiring authors who are maybe, you know, still in there? That would be nice, one-day category. I mean, it sounds like you’ve pretty much got the drop in and went, “Boom! Off, I’m going. And this is happening.” But what advice would you give to authors who are, you know, thinking about doing their own author dreams and becoming an author?

Sand – I reckon, definitely, first of all, giving it a big, fat yes. If you get the feeling that you need to write a book then there is truth to it and you will. And allowing yourself the space to really go deep with yourself. If you feel like there is a deep message in you, then give yourself the space to listen closely and deeply. And don’t rush it. I would also say don’t make it about some strategy and just kind of pumping out something that strategically would make sense, but actually go really deep and listen to what’s really coming through. ‘Cause I feel like that will be all in between the lines, that feeling. Yeah. Not creating more pressure, but just listening. So if it’s not quite there yet, then do something in order to take the brakes off. Like, clear the layers that are holding you back from actually fully saying yes to yourself, your message, your value, and worth that you’re sharing with the world because, no doubt, there’s so much there. And yeah, really taking the brakes off with that. I think that’s the biggest part because we can just hold it back. And if I wouldn’t have had my clearing journey with this power and my tools, I would have probably waited forever. Because you can wait forever for it, and then it’s never going to happen. There’s so many people out that say, “I’ll write a book one day.” And they never do. And I think that’s a massive shame. So it’s really about saying yes, getting clear on your authentic message, get yourself help and support to write, if you need it. If you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing, get yourself a mentor, get yourself support. So you’re– you’ve got someone backing you because I feel like that’s a big part, too. Just know you’re not alone, and this needs to come out. Definitely work on all your forms of resistance. I teach them a lot in my book, actually. So if you want to read about the seven forms of resistance, it’s in there. Like, definitely, unapologetically shared. It gives like, there’s so many things that are holding us back and please don’t let them hold you back. Because whatever you’ve got to share, it’s so important with the world, and for the world. We don’t want to hold back. So I feel like that’s the biggest, biggest message I have. Always keep coming back to your own core, your own center, your own truth. And standing for that, no matter what that is. And taking the brakes off. I think that’s the biggest, most aligned message with that. And not to hold back.

Roxanne – Absolutely. And what I love about your journey in particular is that you did a massive pivot, didn’t you? So you started out, you’re like, “I’m going to write about, you know, the modality and upskilled people in this area.” But you you’ve done a full pivot. And this is like, a very personal journey and very much about getting to the core for people. Isn’t it?

Sand – Totally . I mean, it’s always been my work anyway. So what I’m sharing in there has always comes from no matter which angle I’ve approach my work. But this is really, really who I am and what I do on who I’ve always been. So yeah, it’s very exciting to share that with the world.

Roxanne – Awesome. All right. So we have– We’ve had a flash-up of the cover a few times. But how can people out there who are listening or watching get their hot, little hands on a copy of your amazing book?

Sand – Yeah. So I guess it’s my Amazon link. But if you– I can’t really quite sort of give you that right now. But then, otherwise, visit my website at sandmew.com and just click on Book the top. And it will link you straight to the Amazon page. That’s probably the easiest to remember .

Roxanne – That’s all right. I’ll pop links with everything anyways so people can see it accurately.

Sand – Sounds great.

Roxanne – Well, awesome. And that’s great. I just wanted to see if there’s anything else that’s dropped in for you while you’ve been chatting– while we have been chatting, that you wanted to share with everyone today.

Sand – Yeah. Just, I feel like just, the biggest thing is just to not hold back because we– it’s like, I see the world like a massive clockwork. We all have our unique, tiny little pieces to play. We’re all just one human. But in the collective, we’re very powerful. And so if we can just all let ourselves be our own unique self, our own unique cocktail of experiences with stories, skills, experiences, whatever we have accumulated, we can play our part. And it might be this part here. But if we’re try to copy someone else over here, then there’s maybe 10 copies of the same piece. But ours is still missing and it’s not fulfilled. So if we can step into taking and claiming our own unique place in the world where we just do what we’re here for, and be who we’re here for, then we can fulfill, not only ourselves, but also the bigger purpose and mission that we have in the world. And I feel like that’s a big part that I would like to share with you guys today. And hopefully, it might inspire you to not hold back and not to try to copy someone else or hold back because you compare yourself with someone else and feel like maybe a fraud or not good enough or this or that or the other. The typical stories that we hear a lot. And just really just see that you are unique and there’s people out there that need to hear your unique story and your unique gift. So I hope that helps you unlock something and get you moving to sharing your own book story.

Roxanne – That’s awesome. Thank you so much for sharing that with us today. And thank you, again, for your time to come on “The Biggest Phenomenon”.

Sand – Thank you so much for having me today. It’s been great to share that with you.

Roxanne – Thanks, Sand.