s4 ep5: Sand mew

s4 ep5: Sand mew

Sand Mew has been fascinated by reading bodies and feet from a very young age onwards. Facing and overcoming a severe sickness with 16, enabled her to gain an even deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of body mind and spirit.

Since then, her path has been one of inspired, deep self discovery, creating an aligned life and business, and helping others to do the same.

Sand is an author, speaker and holistic transformational mentor for conscious leaders, entrepreneurs and CEOs. As the founder of the modality The Footprint Connection™ with 15+ years experience and certified Advanced Spiral Practitioner, Sand has packaged all of this up into her new release Remember Who You Are, an international bestseller that is taking the world by storm.

Here, Sand shares how becoming an author has added another pillar to her life’s work and created another platform from which she can share her life-changing message en masse.

To buy a copy of Remember Who You Are, head to www.sandmew.com.

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