s4 ep3: Kellie Harriden

In this episode, we get a glimpse into the journey of Kellie Harriden and her husband as they travel across continents to beat the odds in order to fulfill their quest to be parents.

After meeting, they settled into an almost perfect life, with one exception – they yearned for a child to love.
As they excitedly prepared to start a family, they battled one obstacle after another, but they continued on, determined to become the proud parents of their long-awaited child.

The author of Long Awaited Child and the founder of the Sunshine Coast Fertility Expo is open and raw as she explains the emotional toll of spending eight years trying every avenue possible to become a mum and how her perseverance paid off – now a mum of two beautiful children.

To buy a copy of her book, head to www.kellieharriden.com


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