s4 Ep1: Leigh Robshaw

As a journalist, Leigh Robshaw is no stranger to crafting an epic sentence or two. But when she embarked on a quest to write her memoir, ‘You Had Me At Hola– In search of love & truth in South America’, she had no idea how different the journey would be.

Leigh’s book, which was released in August 2019, tells of the three years she spent living in Latin America in the 1990s. This is much more than a travel adventure, it also weaves in a spellbinding love story and discovery of self.

In the first episode of the new-look Phoenix Phenomenon, Leigh will take you behind the scenes and talk about the creation of her memoir, the highs and lows of the experience of becoming an author and the priceless lessons she learned along the way.

‘You Had Me at Hola – In search of love & truth in South America’ is a fast-paced, colourful and sometimes shocking memoir set in South America and Mexico in the 1990s.

The book is receiving excellent reviews and Leigh has been invited to speak at a number of events, including the prestigious literary festival, Outspoken Maleny. Leigh shares the real and raw journey from original inspiration through to becoming a self-published author.

You can buy ‘You Had Me At Hola’ by heading to: www.leighrobshaw.net or Amazon

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