s3 ep1: Matt Collins

Prior to becoming an international podcaster and the host of Coffee Chats with Matt Colling, Matt seemed to have it all. He was a successful business owner, bringing in great money and creating jobs for others.

But his heart wasn’t in it.

After selling the businesses, he went in search of fulfillment, but found it in the wrong places, losing all of his money and finding himself unable to afford even a $4 coffee at a cafe one day.

Despite the lure of a pity party, Matt instead found a revelation and so began his popular podcast, which is now downloaded in around 100 countries and has clocked up more than 400 episodes.

In his podcast, Matt ignited his passion, which has led to a new career in journalism, where he gets to indulge his passion for capturing the stories of others every day.

Check out this rare chat with a man who much prefers asking the questions than answering them…

Listen to his incredible podcast at https://www.facebook.com/CoffeeChatswithMattCollins/

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