The Successful Author: where creativity meets courage


Life will throw you curveballs that stop your progress. It takes courage to choose your message over procrastination, time wasters and energy hogs.

The Successful Author ebook and workbook are designed to wire your brain for prosperity, tenacity, and focus so your story transitions from a dream into reality.

Together with The Mindful Author, you will discover tools that not only transform your book writing skills, they will transform your entire life giving you more of what you want, when you want it and how you want it.

Imagine celebrating your uniqueness and being strong enough to shout it from the rooftops!

Imagine holding your book and knowing, without doubt, the power that awaits your reader!

This pack includes a 46-page ebook and accompanying workbook that covers strategies on how to:

  1. Use chaos for good, not evil
  2. Create your personal philosophy for life
  3. Walk your own path with passion
  4. Revel in your uniqueness
  5. The creative power of intention
  6. Courageous goalsetting
  7. Embrace the challenge of choice
  8. Stop taking things personally
  9. Be gracious
  10. Be courageous and accept your exceptional life

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With this guide, you can leap over any hurdles that present themselves on your path to authorship – and believe me, there will be many. Give yourself the gift of clarity and certainty so you can release the book of your dreams to the world without fear.