The Resilient Author: 10 top resilience strategies only great authors know


As a new writer, you can expect all the challenges that come with a blank page as well as internal questioning if this is really your purpose.

The Resilient Author takes The Mindful Author through ten high-resilience strategies the best in the business use to bounce back from emotional and mental blocks.

Imagine knowing the purpose of your book and how it will make a difference! This is one click away.

Imagine kicking self-doubt to the curb, knowing every word you write is a step closer to your greatness.

It’s all in the pages of this 35-page ebook, which covers:

  1. Embrace your authentic self
  2. Writers don’t have to be hermits
  3. Fail more frequently
  4. Set a ‘letting go’ deadline and stick to it
  5. You’ve failed before and you survived
  6. Your perspective creates your reality (create like a pro)
  7. Like-minded people will lift you to success
  8. Recognise rejection as an event
  9. Think like a successful author
  10. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill

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