The Author’s Launchpad: Seven pillars that prepare, position and plan.


Book Two, The Structured Author, is about to be released and will ensure your readers are kept on the edge of their seats and the message they take away transforms their lives.

To prepare you, this download will organise your thoughts into seven primary pillars that create bestsellers. 

The big guns don’t want you to know the secret sauce to bestseller status, but I’m prepared to share all I know to provide you with the best opportunity for success as a writer

Get ready to excavate the golden messages that sit behind every aspect of your story and understand the difference between words for the sake of words and words that transform by exploring the following:

  1. You thought you knew what you were doing
  2. You thought you knew who you were 
  3. The big bang
  4. The school of hard knocks 
  5. The mentor arrives
  6. Positioning the positive and the negative 
  7. And now what?

Get access instantly. 

While the world waits for Book Two, you can leap ahead and begin to lay the strong foundations you need to write your book with ease, clarity and purpose.