Working with me, you have access to


Uncover Your Message

You will be working directly with me throughout the entire manuscript creation process. We will connect on interview sessions where we will dig deep into your why and from this, I will create a manuscript that is written in your voice and communicates the unique message you want to bring into the world.

Appraisals, editing, & designing

I am a sub-publisher for award-winning assisted independent publisher Ocean Reeve Publishing. Through me, you will have access to Ocean’s qualified and highly professional team who will carry out the manuscript appraisal, editing, proofreading, formatting, cover design and printing of your manuscript. We can also take care of the official stuff, like the book’s title registration and all legal deposits.


There are a range of printing options available from print-on-demand through to digital printing in with our Australian team and high-volume offset printing completed through China. As we get closer to the completion of your manuscript, we will discuss which form of printing will best suit your needs.


As my client, you also have the opportunity to opt into a comprehensive eight-session marketing mentorship with a member of Ocean Reeve Publishing’s marketing team. Having been in the publishing industry for more than 20 years, Ocean knows his stuff and will get you into a position to feel confident in getting yourself and your book out there to as many people as possible.


You can choose to have your book distributed to through Ocean Reeve Publishing to maximise the reach of your book. This network will see your book marketed to libraries and independent bookstores throughout Australia and New Zealand. You can also maximise your reach to different audiences with ebook or audiobook distribution options.

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