IGNITE your passion to WRITE your book with The Structured Author.

The Structured Author


You’ve been asking for a sign, looking for clues and craving direction on how to get your words onto a blank page and it’s exhausting!

It’s all too unclear, uncertain and undefined and you’re wasting time! I know! I get it!

It can be so frustrating when you just want a structure, a way to excavate your vision and turn it in to a best-selling page turner that will make a difference to people on this planet!

You’re not alone and it’s these feelings that inspired me to create the IGNITE & WRITE Trilogy.
Right now, Book One The Mindful Author is about to become your most treasured resource and I’m excited to work with you through this PHENOMENAL PROCESS.

Be among the first to grab The Mindful Author. The world is waiting for you!

Write your book with passion, clarity and purpose using The Mindful Author.

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Learn the power of transformation through authorship – writing your book is about so much more than simply slapping a bunch of words inside a cover!

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Discover the Phoenix Phenomenon Process, which reveals the secret building blocks to write a best-selling story.

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Master the method to communicate your authentic story with purpose.

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Build an unbreakable connection between your self, your story and your audience so your powerful message will resonate and have the impact you have always dreamed of.

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Understand how being unapologetically you and embracing your uniqueness has the power to transform you AND your business.

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Realise that you CAN write your story, all you need is guidance through this realm of the unknown – The Mindful Author is a powerful resource you can refer to throughout your entire authorship journey.

After years of ghostwriting for some of the most impactful books you will ever read (which shall remain nameless to protect high profile identities), I realised that there are thousands of people, just like you, desperate to share their knowledge, wisdom and experience through books.

BUT, they are stuck without a roadmap to layout the pathway, avoid the pitfalls and sidestep the time wasting of beliefs that tell you it’s impossible, no one will be interested or worse…. You having nothing to share. These are the beliefs of the novice…. And you’re about to become an experienced Author, my friend, so steering your mindset toward nothing but success is my job… And I’ve got you covered. Right here, right now!

Dive into the pages of The Mindful Author and start to imagine what it will feel like when you’re holding your published masterpiece in your hand and you hear people talking about the impact it has made in their life.

Imagine knowing that your journey, experience and knowledge has healed and helped thousands!
Imagine seeing your book online, in stores and in the hands of readers that you’ve set out to transform and knowing you’ve fulfilled part of your grand purpose here in this world!

It’s time to IGNITE YOUR VISION, WRITE YOUR BOOK and get it right, the first time!

About Me

I am an award-winning nonfiction book ghostwriter and writing mentor who works closely with aspiring authors to empower them to stand up and become the changemakers they dream to be through authorship.

Storytelling has been my bread and butter since 2007 with a long career as a journalist for newspapers, magazines, and online publications before transferring my skillsets into non-fiction book creation.

I have been working closely with aspiring author to share their unique, powerful and purposeful stories for the past five years. My emphasis on Authenticity, Connection and Transformation (AKA The Phoenix Phenomenon Process) has made my approach to book writing stand out from the competition and has seen me recognised in:


Reader Views presents the Gold Medal to The Mindful Author in its Writing and Publishing Category.

The Mindful Author receives the Book By Book Pub Award for Best Writing/Publishing Book.


Australian Small Business Champion Awards Sole Trader Finalist.

Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network Finalist in Micro/Small Business.


Australian Small Business Champion Awards Sole Trader Finalist.

Australian My Business Awards for Young Leader of the Year, one of only two female finalists.

Australian My Business Awards for B2C Business of the Year.


Young Business Woman of the Year Finalist in the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network Awards.

Australian My Business Awards Young Leader of the Year Finalist.

In 2021, I was also recognised as an ambassador for no more fake smiles, a charity that provides advocacy and therapy for victims of child sexual abuse and their families.

When I’m not in my writing cave, leading Ignite & Write workshops, or mentoring aspiring authors, I enjoy asserting my dominance in family games of Bananagrams, playing my guitar, and curling up in the hammock on the back deck with a good book.