Sprout’s Idea


Sprout's Idea

Own your copy of the book about which Treehouse series author Andy Griffiths declared, “I love a good villain and how much more villainous can you get than Shade Man.”

The forest was filled with music and laughter as the trees celebrated Sprout’s first birthday.

But when a magical being entered the forest, it was clear that not everyone was enjoying the fun…

Meet the author, Lincoln.

Reading his story out to a crowd of over 100 people was an experience Lincoln will never forget, but it became much more than that single event.

The story of hope, teamwork, and combatting negative with positive and kindness came to life through his main character, Sprout, and the seed for what became Sprout’s Idea began to grow.

Lincoln is proof that anyone can harness the power of story to make a difference in the world.

It is his hope that anyone who reads Sprout’s Idea will be more conscious of the words they speak and their actions around others.

Sprout's idea author, Lincoln, holding Sprout's Idea merchandise

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Meet the illustrator, Cara