Sprout Bundle

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Sprout Bundle

The ultimate gift for your little person, the Sprout Bundle includes a copy of both Sprout’s Idea and Super Sprout.

Endorsed by an international best-selling authors Andy Griffiths and Jackie French, the Sprout series are heartwarming tales with the inspiring storytelling of a young author.


Readers of all ages will love the go-getting Sprout and his forest friends as they overcome obstacles using hope, teamwork, positivity and kindness all while realising the beauty of what makes them unique. 

Sprout’s Idea

The forest was filled with music and laughter as the trees celebrated Sprout’s first birthday. But when a magical being entered the forest, it was clear that not everyone was enjoying the fun…

Super Sprout

As Sprout looks at the amazing things his forest friends can do, he wonders what it would be like to have a superpower of his own. But being super seems a lot harder than he first thought. That is, until a good friend shares a secret that changes everything…

Meet the author, Lincoln.

Lincoln’s path to becoming an author was an unusual one. His debut picture book Sprout’s Idea was conceptualised when he was asked to share a message of hope with people at the 2022 Secret Oasis Festival.

Reading his story out to a crowd of over 100 people was an experience Lincoln, then just eight years old, will never forget and they loved his story of hope, teamwork, and combatting negative with positive and kindness so much they asked for it to become a book.

Sprout’s Idea has become an international sensation, inspiring young and old alike to be more conscious of the words they speak and their actions around others.

The latest addition to the Sprout series is Super Sprout. Using the festival that started it all as the backdrop of the tale, Lincoln combines his love of superheroes with a story that highlights the power of embracing what makes you unique.

Lincoln is proof that anyone can harness the power of story to make a difference in the world and he is inspiring a young generation of storytellers.

Sprout's idea author, Lincoln, holding Sprout's Idea merchandise

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Meet the illustrator, Cara

Meet the illustrator, Cara.

Cara is an illustrator and book designer who lives in her little house in Sydney, with her loving husband and two gorgeous dogs.

Bringing stories to life is Cara’s passion, she has done it in many different forms. From skating with Disney on Ice with your favourite Disney friends, to working with The Wiggles to bring their joy to the world, and designing books with Scholastic Australia.

Cara has had the privilege to be a storyteller and enjoys working with independent authors to illustrate their imaginings and help them tell their tales.