S1 Ep8: Wendy Barnes

Wendy Barnes has beaten breast cancer – twice. Earlier this year she celebrated 10 years since her first diagnosis and five years since the second. This vibrant Sunshine Coast woman has plenty of advice for people who are navigating their own cancer journey and it is all about having a “glass half full” attitude.


S1 Ep7: Millie Thomas

Millie Thomas battled with anorexia for 15 years. It took over her life and food restrictions and excessive exercise regimes became her norm. Having been recovered for three years, Millie is now a passionate eating disorder recovery coach who is using her lived experience to change the lives of people living with eating disorders…

Roxanne McCarty OKane Writer Sunshine Coast Ghostwriting Kurek Ashley Vlog

S1 Ep6 Kurek Ashley

My connection to Kurek Ashley, the world-renowned life, business and personal development coach and former Hollywood star, actually came about through his wife Erin Ashley, who is a prominent mindfulness coach.


S1 Ep5: Kim Morrison

Kim Morrison is a vibrant and multi-talented mother-of-two who founded natural skincare and essential oils brand Twenty 8 and has been imparting her knowledge on the power of self-love and self-care.


S1 Ep4: Kerrie Atherton

Having experienced sexual assault and drug and alcohol addiction before the age of 18, Kerrie Atherton is The Girl Who Broke Through. Kerrie has used her lived experience to help thousands of people with addiction, mental health and suicide prevention through her work as a chaplain and counsellor.


S1 Ep3: Shelagh Brennand

It took only a matter of minutes for Shelagh Brennand’s brain to be completely rewired, transforming the analytical mind of a police investigator into the creative mind of a poet. Here, Shelagh shares her stroke journey and how she used a positive mindset…

Roxanne McCarty OKane Writer Sunshine Coast Ghostwriting Megan Bray Vlog

S1 Ep2: Megan Bray

When I attended a fundraising evening for a Sunshine Coast-based charity that is working to build the country’s first live-in rehabilitation facility for people living with eating disorders. The charity is called ended. While I was chatting to people around the room, more than one person suggested that I speak with a woman called Megan Bray and that she had an incredible story to tell.

Roxanne McCarty OKane Writer Sunshine Coast Ghostwriting Darron Eastwell Vlog

S1 Ep1: Darron Eastwell

I first met Darron Eastwell in my role as a journalist at My Weekly Preview on the Sunshine Coast. Darron’s incredible story of not only surviving a high-speed downhill mountain biking accident against all odds (his family were told he would have a less than 10% chance of waking up from his coma), but then going on to slowly become the master of his new limitations.