The Ultimate Writer’s Group

I know there are many out there who don’t want to hand over the creation of their book to someone else. You crave the satisfaction of knowing that you have done the hard yards yourself.
But writing a book doesn’t have to be hard. I’ve created the Ultimate Writer’s Group to provide aspiring writers with a platform through which you can embark on your book-writing journey under the guidance of a professional ghostwriter.
With my mentorship and the support of an intimate group of other aspiring authors, you will have a steady supply of accountability, motivation and momentum as well as clarity on the direction for your book.

Armed with all of this, you will have the ability to overcome any hurdles that present themselves as you begin writing.
Writing a book is a transformational journey for every non-fiction author and through this group, you can uncover the true strength of your message and the most effective way to communicate it to your future readers.

By the end of the program, you will have completed your first manuscript draft and have it ready to send on for a professional appraisal to further strengthen your message.

To find out when the next Ultimate Writer’s Group will kick off, book a call now.

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